PA Physical Medicine, Inc.

Helping patients with physical impairments and disabilities back into the mainstream of life and independent with as many activities of daily living as possible…

Meet The Doctors

Dr. Hennessey and Dr. Kozakiewicz met each other during their Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency at The Ohio State University nearly 20 years ago! The rest is history.

They brought their families and physician skills back to southwestern PA where they enjoy a thriving private practice.

Spine Injuries

We all only have one back and one neck, so if there is a problem, it significantly adversely affects one’s lifestyle. The doctors understand this even through personal experience.

The doctors clinically evaluate spine-related complaints on an hourly basis in their practice.

Electrodiagnostic Medicine

Dr. Hennessey and Dr. Kozakiewicz have both published research and book chapters in the field of electrodiagnostic medicine. Electrodiagnostic testing serves as a tool to evaluate muscle and nerve injury and disease processes. They have both been fortunate enough to be trained by internationally recognized experts in this field.

Medical Expert Services

It is inevitable that a portion of our patients will have pain complaints and serious physical impairment related to work injuries, auto injuries and personal injuries. There are those who embellish such complaints also.

Both doctors work hard to strike a balance of all such factors when assessing a patient’s diagnosis, causality and return to work issues.