Our Pricing


Dr. Hennessey and Dr. Kozakiewicz are sensitive to the fact that you work hard for your money and that you deserve to know the cost of your medical care – before you buy it. Our prices are listed below.

Electrodiagnostic Studies CPT Code
EMG per limb 95886 $150
Nerve conduction study (1-2) 95907 $140
Nerve conduction study (3-4) 95908 $160
Nerve conduction study (5-6) 95909 $190
Nerve conduction study (7-8) 95910 $250
Nerve conduction study (9-10) 95911 $310
Nerve conduction study (11-12) 95912 $350
Nerve conduction study (>12) 95913 $410

* Typical bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome or peripheral neuropathy study: 10 nerves and two limb EMG. A consult may also be billed depending on the medical circumstances. A one sided carpal tunnel study is usually 5 nerves and one EMG.

Medicare Office Visits
New patient, low severity 99202 $75
New patient, moderate severity 99203 $110
New patient, comprehensive severity 99204 $170
New patient, complex severity 99205 $175


Non-Medicare Office Visits
New patient, low severity 99242 $131
New patient, moderate severity 99243 $165
New patient, comprehensive severity 99224 $211
New patient, complex severity 99245 $260


Follow-Up Visits (Medicare & Non-Medicare)
Imtermed follow-up 99213 $96
Extended follow-up 99214 $130
Comprehensive follow-up 99215 $142


Carpal tunnel injection 20526 $110
Tendon sheath injection 20550 $105
Ganglion cyst injection 20612 $66
Major joint injection 20610 $115
Intermediate joint injection 20605 $80
Small joint injection 20600 $75
Trigger point injection (1 or 2) 20552 $85
Trigger point injection (3 or more) 20553 $115
Sacroiliac (SI) joint injection 27096 $350
Botox injection, limb 64644 $170
Botox injection, neck 64616 $170
Amniotic stem cell injection (1/2cc) tendon or soft tissue $1,595
Amniotic stem cell injection (1cc) knee or shoulder $2,495
Ultrasound guidance (if needed) 76942 $210

Dr. Hennessey and Dr. Kozakiewicz, along with Professor Jodi Forlizzi, of Carnegie Mellon University, founded Pratter.us in early 2014. Pratter means “price matters.” It is our goal and passion to bring true medical cost transparency to all working Americans – before the time of service.

pratter - medical price mattersYou are all encouraged to provide us with copies of your medical bills and insurance explanation of benefits (EOB) even if you are not our patients. We will code them and upload the medical costs onto Pratter and then shred the bills. Never will there be a patient name or diagnosis retained or listed on Pratter. Help us help you know your costs and visit www.pratter.us at your convenience.

FYI: The term “high deductible” refers to an insurance policy with $2,000 or more out-of-pocket expense by you before the insurance company pays $1 or more toward your medical care. $5,000 to $10,000 high deductible health insurance plans are becoming the norm. This means that you are paying for all of your medical care out-of-pocket except inpatient hospitalizations. “Welcome” to this new era.